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Updated: June 29th 2017  | SO Live v2.1.9

I'm DarthRupert, and I'm a Fishing Addict


I main a Redguard, Templar Healer; for the Daggerfall Covenant.  I also have 7

other characters, who are mostly for storage.  When I'm not fishing I spend most

of my time in PvE areas; although I do love to make sporadic forays into Cyrodiil

and the Imperial City occassionally.  I play ESO to hangout with my friends and 

guilds, as well as attempt to experience everything this great game has to offer.

Which some how all merge into me not making any progress in-game.


When I started this site I aimed to put all the fishing info I had gathered over

many hours, into one spot.  As for the information, I started collecting that for 

personal and guild use. But then I realized the more anglers out there the more

fun we all have fishing! 


My journey towards Master Angler and beyond...


I think many of my guildies might say I've been fishing for too long. That my eyes only see the shimmering surface of that liquid abyss.  


It all started way back during the Stress Test Beta Weekends. Back when the fishing system was one of ESO's greatest mysteries... When even ESO's brightest could barely unravel the mess that was fishing...well at least until the holy book of fishing was found. Anyway launch came and I power quested my way to vet, and then it hit me. "I wonder what's changed with the fishing in this game?" And that simple question began the great downward spiral of progression for my launch character. 

A few months later, I returned to a much better game. I created a completely new character (now my main), joined a new guild, and started leveling...ok and fishing. But I forgot most of the system, so with the help of a few guildies, and multiple forum post I quickly relearned everything I had forgotten and my great ESO adventure took off once more...


For months I worked towards that sweet, beautiful Master Angler Achievement.  And I had a blast. It's odd how similar real life fishing and eso fishing is on a social level. I've meet so many amazing people just because we stood at the same splashing hole. I've been in Fishing Tournaments, Multi-Alliance Imperial City Fishing Groups; and experienced the  like fish used in provisioning and the addition of the Wrothgar Purple, create massive excitement myself and many people I've met.  

Yes the entire fishing system is inherently tedious and frustrating. Heck I started back when all fishing could ever get you was the title Master Angler. No dyes, recipes, or even furnishings, just a badge of dedication to a system few used. Yet despite the system I've gain many great memories and know the people I play with much better than I ever would have without it. 

Special Thanks

I want to give a shoutout and massive thanks to Pavi.  The single greatest contributor to this site other than myself, and the person who got me to Master Angler.



I'd like to thank the members of Ethereal Army. I would have never started this guide without you.


Thank you Black Market Wares. Your "Complete Fishing Guide" thread helped me so much after a long absence from the game.


To all the anglers I've met in my travels, and that includes you AD and EP players...Thank You.


And lastly...




Thank you The Old Slaughterfish. I hope my revision meets the standards of your legendary guide.

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