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Darth's  Player Vs. Fish Guide


Darth's  Player Vs. Fish Guide

Please read the full feature list for each add-on, before installing. Many of the add-ons listed have overlapping or similar features. 

Shows which rare fish you've caught in player's current zone, as well as which water type each fish is in.  Great for easily tracking fishing

                                     achievement progress.

Shows how much bait players have, once

they've selected it at a fishing hole.

Adds the water type under each bait's tool tip.


Adds large red lettering to inform players to "Reel In", as well as what bait they should be using.


Shows water type tooltips in the bait selection pop-up, as well as show water type and fish caught once player begin fishing a hole. Adds a more pronounced reel in animation.  It also will automatically place a Harven's Custom Map Pins fishing pin onto the player's map at the hole's location. (Note: the map feature only works if you have Harven's add-on and it may not always select the correct water type, which is why it shows "fish caught in this hole" , on the  map as well.)

Adds When "Use"ing fish to fillet, players will now fillet all the fish in their inventory.

(Note: The animation must still be played out for filleting; so movement will cancel filleting.)


A Has the option to show fishing hole locations/water type on your map, along with many other (non-fishing) map pin options.

  *Note: Only holes the dev has the locations of are shown, but the majority of them are present.

If you have questions / suggestions please contact me on the official forums Here, by email to, or on the NA server in-game @DarthRupert.

Work In Progress          Work In Progress         Work In Progress

Updated: Feb 15  |  ESO Live v2.2.11

Rare Fish Count: 244

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