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Updated: June 29th 2017  | SO Live v2.1.9

Site Change Log

July 14th 2017

   - Minor Changes to [Maps] categories

   - Added Hew's Bane Map and Rare Fish Chart

   - Added Gold Coast Map and Rare Fish Chart

   - Added Vvardenfell Map and Rare Fish Chart

   - Added Cyrodiil Map[WIP]

   - Fixed Rare Fish Count [header] (I can't add lol)

     Upcoming Site Plan

         - Update Achievements (Missed this update)

          - Add Furnishing related to fishing

          - Fix & Add Recipes

          - Update Beginners Guide

          - Add Wrothgar CSC Guide

          - Update Add-ons 

June 30th 2017

   - Updated site to accommodate planned additions, and make navigation easier.

         - Moved Rare Fish Charts to [Home]

         - Moved Recipes to [Recipes and Furnishings]

         - Added Rare Fish and Achievement submenu options [Home]

         - Temporarily Moved Update to [Home; submenu]

         - Temporarily Hid Add-ons section until updated

         - Fixed/Updated Site Background (ps: if you can see the difference, I apologize for how it looked before.)

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